Automated Rail Monitoring Systems


High availability, precision stress and temperature measurement systems for management of rail neutral temperature and track geometry.

Take control of your asset - with confidence.



  • Multiple sensor types: foil and vibrating wire strain gauges, temperature, switch displacements
  • Sensor counts per header (standard configuration):
    • 36 strain gauges
    • 8 displacement sensors
    • 18 rail temperature sensors
  • Tilt, extensometer, IPI compatible
  • Easy to manage, on-board sensor offsets and engineering unit conversions
  • Advanced error detection and reporting
  • Alarming from logger, or using desktop software (recommended for larger projects)
  • Burst mode for restressing
  • Lightning protection and isolation
  • Power:
    • Solar, AC or DC supplies
  • Communications:
    • Fibre
    • Copper
    • Radio
    • WiFi
  • Designed with off-the-shelf components for quick delivery, consistent deployment and simple maintenance
  • Available pre-manufactured, or as fully documented systems for local assembly and installation.