KODA roadheader navigation/guidance systems are reliable and easy to use. They operate stand-alone or as the basis for an integrated solution for underground construction.

Quality, Safety, Productivity


  • Minimize overcut, shotcrete and re-work
  • Remove need for setout under unsupported roof
  • Increase accuracy - especially with complicated profile shapes and transitions and when cutting floors
  • Survey system integration: design, setout, conformance - from the office to underground
  • Deep integration with total station - allowing total station sharing with another roadheader or a rockbolter
  • Option for detailed logging and intelligent analysis allows system to be more proactively managed and maintained


  • Reliable, scalable and intelligent
  • Simple, easy to learn user interface
  • Controls and system information at your fingertips
  • Proven partners - reliable and fit for purpose technology
  • Best in class tunnel modelling and transition calculations
  • Connectivity options:
    • machine area only
    • machine to surface
    • machine to KODAcloud
  • Simple data types which maintain compatibility to 12dTunnel and TPStakeout data types