We’re starting small, but thinking big – better than the other way around…

Based in Austin Texas, KODA (KODA Engineering LLC) is tapping into a wealth of talent in IT and technology. From here we’re planning to service the US and Global markets.

The options seem endless, and each day we talk to the industry we get more and more excited. Some inspire us. Some make us ask: “Why haven’t we thought of that before?” Some are truly challenging – and deeply motivating.

KODA is all about delivering solutions to an energetic market; full of great ideas. We have created a road-map of how we intend to build our market defining collection of innovations: hardware, software and processes to make engineering projects safe, quicker and better informed.

KODA has already asked some industry colleagues to contribute to a short questionnaire about the tunneling industry. The survey is still open, so find it here. Your thoughts are appreciated and will help to make KODA's products better.

We intend to keep working closely with the industry as it is the best source of ideas and growth for us.

Behind the brand

Steve Garlinge (President/Owner) has over 15 years’ experience in the tunneling, construction, mining and rail industries. He has enjoyed an amazing career to date as a manager and engineer of technology development for:

  • roadheader and TBM navigation
  • total station and geotech/structural monitoring systems
  • web and desktop engineering software for productivity, reporting and efficiency

He brings passion and interest to his work – creating insightful, ingenious and practical solutions to the problems faced by industry.

The Future of KODA

What’s first? Well, that’s ensuring the base system – the on machine hardware and the entry-level software – is bullet proof. We know you want the system to keep working 24/7, but if it doesn't, debugging will be a snack and spares easy to replace and configure. We want KODA to be your best employee.

The system is being built upon a platform of highly-compatible, fit-for-purpose industrial components. The software is being designed with the future in mind; to seamlessly integrate alternative machine types and future developments with ease.

The Final Word

Thanks for reading the first of many blog posts from KODA. We hope to keep bringing you news of our developments, projects, tech-tips, Q&A and case studies, and much more.


Please share and we look forward to comments - stay in touch.

Until next time, KODA