Breakfast Tacos, Robots and Friends

Breakfast Tacos
Sitting here in my favorite coffee shop, eating an amazing breakfast taco and dreaming a little is a real pleasure. KODA takes some time to think about what’s in store for 2015.

There’s been a push in the last few weeks to get a working version of KodaUG up and running. Helped along by a good amount of coffee and breakfast tacos, literally yesterday, we excitedly watched the first movements of a machine on the screen. There are a few awesome features that have been built into the system and like a kid at Christmas we can’t wait to try them out.

The simulator software authentically creates the behavior of sensors and total station – even throwing a few real-world glitches in here and there. Maybe it will turn into a rich, interactive training package; some day.

Rise of the Robots
Want to operate two roof drills and a roadheader all at once, or one at a time as you like it? KodaUG can do that.

We’ve taken on board some interesting concepts from the field of robotics and integrated that into how we define our machine geometry and sensors. This approach allows us to incorporate any number of fully configurable working tools into a project.

We’re also ready for new developments in underground positioning systems…whenever they arrive…!?

Making Friends
It’s a real pleasure to be talking to industry about creative new ways of doing things. The energy in the market is good to see and it’s great to be a part of it. The ideas and the opportunities are flowing – sometimes it feels like too many… but KODA thinks that’s a good problem to have.

Finally, we’re on the lookout for staff, partners, collaborators, clients, projects and suppliers to work with. KODA would be nothing without these relationships. Our doors are always open – so feel free to get in touch.

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Until next time, KODA