Down Under-ground

I'll be the first to admit that a once a month blog post is not up to scratch. I had higher hopes; aiming to achieve 'once a week' for the first year. For a while I did pretty well, and thank you all for the support and interest.

So, does KODA have an excuse? Well, yes. We've been busy! That's actually a terrible excuse, but I hope you're happy with the results. In recent months KODA has been working towards something big, and things are now starting to pay off to the point where we can start talking about it. KODA is joining forces with GEODATA out of Austria to provide navigation systems to the Australian market - in particular, the Northconnex project. So we have an Australian from Austin partnering up with some Austrians - confused? My bank manager was for a moment.


GEODATA KODA Australia will be supplying, installing, commissioning and supporting 30 or so roadheader and rockbolter navigation systems for the 10km of 3 lane, twin tube road tunnels in Sydney, Australia.


KODA is looking to grow its operations in Australia. With around $10B (yes, "B") of infrastructure work in the pipeline we're placing ourselves a prime position to capture our little slice of it. 

We're always looking for good people - but what does 'good people' mean? We want people who talk straight, think on their feet, solve problems, work as a part of a team, don't need their hands held and who want to make our products better - and get credit for it. You'll be challenged, but nothing worth doing was ever easy.

Experience goes a long way, but it is a long way from essential. We're looking for ability and potential just as much as we are looking for proven capability. If you're mechanically, electrically, spatially and/or program-atically (a stretch I know) inclined then I think you should send us an email or comment below with your contact details. 

BACK to the Future

KODA isn't going anywhere, and though we're not programming, bidding or blogging from our favourite coffee shops in Austin, TX anymore we're still very much alive, and still keen to remain in contact with you all. From the first day we've always considered ourselves a global company. If you saw the diversity of countries each week from which the website gets hits you'd believe me too.

Our new partnership with GEODATA opens up a lot of opportunities, and it opens them up a lot sooner that we thought.  The last year or so has given KODA the ability to stretch its imagination in terms of just what a roadheader navigation system actually means these days. We've already mapped out our priorities for combining our systems and look forward to the results.

Thanks again for all the support. Stay in touch.