HxGN Live - Vegas 2015 - Day 2

Part 1 - Day 2
I'm planning to make this a 3 part blog this week - covering Day 2, 3 and 4 of the HxGN Live conference in Vegas.

First up, it's great to be here as a speaker. I'm looking forward to presenting my paper on Day 4. I think I'm the last session... But there is always something to be said about 'saving the best for last'.

Saw a good talk today by Amberg. They look to be making some good progress with underground surveying systems. Some of their ideas proved some what inspirational. I hope KODA can live up to the ideas generated during that session.

I wandered around 'The Zone' today, looking at new products and offerings. The "Captivate" platform is Leica's prize product this year. Focusing on a new total station platform - from which a lot of colleagues are expecting improved processor speed and work-flows.

I've still got some interrogating to do - I'm looking forward to finding out about the capabilities of ATRplus and scanning. I'm hoping for some significant improvements as I already have some ideas incubating which are reliant on some progress with total station measurement technology.

It's a brief one by recent standards, but there will be more tomorrow.

All the best - KODA