The wonderful maths test from Oz

Koda has been back in Australia the last couple of weeks visiting family and some potential clients. I broke my new year’s resolution and missed a blog post last week. Sorry to all the fans. I’ll make it up to you. It’s great to be back in Australia. The weather has been warm and sunny, and it didn’t take long for me to be reminded how great a place it is.

While rummaging through some old documents I discovered a primary school maths test from 1995. Some vague memories flashed back, especially one relating to the missing corner of the question paper that I ripped off. I did this so I could fold up some 3d solid to double check the answer to one of the questions. Probably not the best use of my time.

Along with the exam came my results, but also some really interesting statistics about the percentage of people who got each question right.

Most correct
The following question is the one that most students answered correctly. It reminds me of a typical IQ test question, and I guess that's why it is in there, and given its simplicity - the reason most people got it correct.




Logs, with no rhythm
This next question is a great one. I love the applied maths foundations, but also the sneaky trick. Only 7% of kids got this one right - the second lowest scoring question on the paper, but arguably, the easiest one to relate to in real-life. How often are we making those some mistakes as adults?



Either way, it was a good reminder of how important maths is, but also the ability to apply it, rationally, reasonably and effectively to problem solving. Choosing A instead of C in real-life might mean you have about 30% less time to complete a task you quoted on, or instead of working for 48 hours this week to finish a job you're suddenly working 66! Multiple choice exams always make me happy, especially since the wrong answer is always in there. Like a good crossword, the personality of the creator often shines through. 

Do the test already
Koda has considered using this test creatively as a recruiting tool? Maybe, depending on the role. Given that it was designed for 11 and 12 year olds to complete in 45 minutes I’d like to think Koda people can do it in 15 – probably getting 100%... Ok, ok, so I just tried it out. I managed to get through the test in 12 minutes, but I’ve read the questions before. I’m not sure if I got 100%, but I’d be pretty close.

The fact that I enjoyed that 12 minutes doesn’t surprise me. Koda has always had a passion for maths and problem solving - I guess it’s good I’m doing what I’m doing…!

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Until next time, KODA