Making it Look Easy

Virtuous Cycles

A great effort by the Geodata KODA team in the last month prompts this blog post. For the previous two weekends we've had extra-curricula outings in which we've achieved some great things. Some days it's easy to overlook our achievements - not today.

Each day we try to think of 'Virtuous Cycles': experience creates efficacy, efficacy fosters confidence, good clients desire that capability, a steady flow of projects creates opportunities for innovation, exposing staff to varied, challenging and successful projects creates engaged and happy individuals. The list goes on.

Supply Chain

Total station supply, fabrication and comms support aspects of our supply chain all need a special mention for responding to our demands. These aren't relationships that were created over night. Nor are they simply a matter of 'signing someone up'. 

The Right Price?

It's not the first time we've been told this year that "we offered the best value." You bet we do, but pay close attention. Value is not created by minimising cost. The inevitable result of cost minimisation is an immediate and often irreparable reduction in the quality of the service being delivered. KODA finds this addiction the most economically and professionally destructive tendency that we have witnessed in 'the industry' since we joined it many years ago.

Sometimes we are the lowest cost option. KODA is ok with that. A properly designed business and product offering will make execution look easy. That same business knows what they're up against and doesn't build fat into their prices to cover their risks. Nor do they go in low, feel the heat, then spend the rest of their intellectual effort cutting corners, chasing variations and avoiding effort.

So what's the alternative?

Seek the offer which maximises value and let those teams whose successes and results are without comparison do the work. Those teams will crave your high expectations, will minimise risk and capture value for you.